African Gold – Mamady Keita & Sewa Kan

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Efficiency – 28 June 2009
Mamady KEITA became born inside 1950 all a plot by plot of a Guinean savannah. Introduced to a djembe from a age of seven, he joined a Ballet National Djoliba of Guinea at 14, snappy becoming a solo drummer also later ingenious director. Mamady toured inside all places inside a keep apart a enviornment with Djoliba, performing at an infinite resolution of predominant festivals alongside side, inside 1969, a Pan-African Festival of Algiers a keep apart he got a gold medal also particularly a title of “Africa’s greatest drummer”. inside 1986, he joined a Koteba firm inside Abidjan directed by Souleymane Koly. inside 1989, he created his group SEWA KAN also settled inside Belgium. Mamady gave to djembe its letters of nobilities whereas bringing ist ingenious autonomy, proving thus that it’s no longer most efficient one percussion instrument of accompaniment to a carrier of a tune also a dance but furthermore an instrument of creation. Mamady teaches djembe within a total world (Europe, a United States, Japan, Bresil & Africa) a keep apart he has reached a neatly-known particular person on a formula to become “mythical”.

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